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Application Tips

Our journey is one of incredible momentum. Our history, ever-evolving. Our future, truly exciting. Take a look at our application tips and search for a vacancy to start putting your excellence in motion.

Application Tips

    • Make sure your CV highlights your skills, achievements and contact details. Begin with a personal statement, provide examples to support your experiences and claims, ensure all information is relevant. Keep it to a maximum of three pages.

    • We use aptitude tests to evaluate your potential to gain skills and knowledge, and psychometric tests to evaluate your mathematical abilities. If you have a disability, you should contact us as we may be able to make adjustments for you. There are a number of practice tests available online. They are not the same as ours, but they will help you get used to our approach:


    • Our assessment centre measures knowledge, skills and behaviours, and you’ll take part in a range of exercises. These include behavioural and technical interviews, role playing, group exercises, presentations and ability tests.

    • Our High Performance Behaviours describe things everyone at Jaguar Land Rover can do to help us reach our goals. They will also feature in your selection process, so it would probably be a good idea to familiarise yourself with them now.

      My Business

      We need employees who are going to ensure that our current successes are on-going and enduring, and act with the interests of the whole business at heart. Under this behaviour you will be able to demonstrate accountability in your role, and identify and balance business needs and customer priorities.
      Can you:
      • Treat business money and resources as if they were your own?
      • Seize positive opportunities for the business?
      • Maintain a focus on customer needs?

      Effective Relationships

      No matter who you are, you cannot deliver things in a large organisation on your own.
      The building of relationships, both internal and external are key to this.
      Do you:
      • Seek out and develop strong working relationships?
      • Act beyond the scope of your role for the good of the business?
      • Openly share learning and skills across the business?

      Strong Teams

      You will be part of a team in your immediate department, but we are all part of the Jaguar Land Rover team.
      Can you:
      • Actively support and contribute to your team’s work?
      • Help to create an open and trusting work environment?
      • Engage with colleagues to meet business objectives?
      • Embrace the benefits of working in a team of diverse skills and talents?

      Efficient Delivery

      Are you able to use a cost-efficient, quality-focused approach to deliver our business plan on time, within budget and to expected standards of quality.
      Do you:
      • Maintain a overarching focus on quality?
      • Determine the most effective use of resources to deliver value for money?
      • Structure and plan tasks effectively to deliver on time?

      Agility and Flexibility

      In business, as in life, nothing is guaranteed. We all have to be able to embrace and react to change quickly and strive to continually improve how we think and operate.
      Do you:
      • Constantly seek to improve our products, systems and processes?
      • React to new challenges in a quick and positive manner?
      • Demonstrate creativity and innovation in the workplace?

      Positive Impact

      Whilst much of the time we operate as part of a team, do not under-estimate the impact you can have as an individual in terms of positively influencing others.
      Are you able to:
      • Use appropriate persuasion and negotiation techniques with colleagues?
      • Communicate effectively by considering who you’re speaking to and what you want to get across?
      • Act with honesty and integrity?

      Clear Direction

      This is closely linked to the “My Business” dimension. Are you passionate and willing to drive the business forward to meet business needs and customer priorities.
      Do you:
      • Clearly align your objectives with Jaguar Land Rover’s objectives?
      • Identify priorities based on customer and business needs?
      • Find solutions that make good business sense?

      High performance

      We need to strive to always improve otherwise the competition will catch us. We are looking for people who will take responsibility for high performance, while encouraging others to do the same.
      Can you:
      • Continually strive to build on your personal skills and experience?
      • Demand the highest performance from yourself and everyone you work with?
      • Demonstrate your passion and belief in the company vision?


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