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Application Tips

Our journey is one of incredible momentum. Our history, ever-evolving. Our future, truly exciting. Take a look at our application tips and search for a vacancy to start putting your excellence in motion.

Application Tips

    • Make sure your CV highlights your skills, achievements and contact details. Begin with a personal statement, provide examples to support your experiences and claims, ensure all information is relevant. Keep it to a maximum of three pages.

    • We use aptitude tests to evaluate your potential to gain skills and knowledge, and psychometric tests to evaluate your mathematical abilities. If you have a disability, you should contact us as we may be able to make adjustments for you. There are a number of practice tests available online. They are not the same as ours, but they will help you get used to our approach:


    • Our assessment centre measures knowledge, skills and behaviours, and you’ll take part in a range of exercises. These include behavioural and technical interviews, role playing, group exercises, presentations and ability tests.

    • Jaguar Land Rover’s competitive edge and successfully delivering experiences our customers love, rely on everyone who works for us. Our Customer First Principles were created from over 250,000 pieces of customer insights, which define what our Jaguar Land Rover customers expect from us.

      We’ve adopted these principles as the behaviours we should all follow at work.  We are all each other’s customers, internally and externally, and they inspire how we behave to help us build consistent workplace interactions.

      Customer First behaviours feature throughout our business, including in our recruitment and selection process.  It is essential that you are fully familiar with them and can demonstrate how you have a Customer First mind-set.

      If we are all dependable, transparent, work in a personalised way, are easy to do business with and make each other feel special, we can create experiences customers and colleagues love for life.

      Find out more about our Customer First behaviours below. We’ve included some prompts to help you prepare for your assessment.   Reflect on how effective your customer interactions are and think about specific examples you can give.



      I know you are an individual who wants to be respected and heard. You are my customer and getting the right outcome matters to me.

      Think about:

      How flexible are you in your dealings with customers and their needs?

      Do you treat customers as individuals, personalising your approach?



      You can trust me. I am always open and honest. I will work with you, and others, to deliver to my promise.

      Think about:

      Can you communicate openly and honestly with customers?

      Do you act in the best interests of your customers?


      Easy to do business with

      I work hard to understand your needs.  I simplify and deliver you the best outcome, time and again.

      Think about:

      Do you put the effort in to make a customer’s life easier?

      Have you made things simpler or easier for customers?



      When I make a commitment I deliver to that promise; you have my word

      Think about:

      Can you be depended on to do the things you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do them?

      Do you make sure you keep your promises?


      Make me feel special

      I say thank you and value your contribution. I want to help you make a difference every day.

      Think about:

      Do you look after your internal and external customers?
      What small things do you do that make a difference?


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