Change the world. Do what you love. Get paid to do it. That’s what’s on offer here. This is your chance to shape how the world moves. Your ideas will transform our vehicles using the most advanced technologies. You’ll get to work on groundbreaking projects, alongside expert minds – and become one yourself thanks to your studies at the prestigious University of Warwick.


Make one application and make it count. Explore all the options and choose the right one for you:

Software gives us our edge. It makes our thinking come alive in the real world. This option will show you how to design, build and test the groundbreaking software that delivers the wow. You’ll also learn how to integrate engineering principles which deliver superior analysis, development and built-in security.

Increasingly automated. Evermore sophisticated. This is the future our vision holds for our vehicles. Delivering here will be in the hands of our design and development teams in Electrical, Electronic, and Software Engineering, and Powertrain Engineering. This means continually enhancing your expertise to create the millions of lines of code new innovations demand, translating data into demand and meeting that demand by reinventing and rejuvenating our products and services.

Innovation starts life in the numbers. Data dictates where we go next. You’ll tell us what it’s saying. But first, we need to make you fluent in this unique language. By the end of the programme, you’ll understand data structures, software development procedures and the analytical tools we use. So when we ask for your recommendation, your response will be impressive.

Become an expert in technology solutions, data traffic and transmission across networks. Make yourself indispensable to our performance. This option is about delivering the infrastructure we rely on to communicate inside the business and beyond. We’ll lay the groundwork for you to foresee what the future holds in this area and equip you to innovate so we’re always ahead of the curve.



Cyber Security. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Internet of Things. All of these will play a part in our next-generation vehicles. So our next-generation talent will get to explore them, not to mention how best to manage and deploy them. Everything you need to shape our business and become a fully rounded digital innovator.


Real-world experience. Academic recognition. Getting the best of both worlds means you’ll jump ahead of your peers. Your university course will teach the programming skills you need to start working with us. Plus, the theory you learn here – one week out of six – means you’ll make an ever-greater contribution and have some in-demand skills.


Here’s what you need.

GCSE Maths (Grade B/6 or above), English (Grade C/5 or above) plus 3 GCSE’s including a STEM subject at Grade C/5 or above (or as an alternative an ICT vocational qualification at level 3 of 90 credit value 540GLH or greater). These are minimum requirements.

For Software or Network Engineering, you’ll also need A-level Maths (Grade C or above), plus 1 further A-level in a Science, Engineering or Technology subject (Grade C or above) OR A-Level Maths (Grade C or above) plus completion of a higher apprenticeship (Level 4/5) in IT, Software, Web and Telecoms.

For the Data Analyst and Software Engineering with Data options, you’ll also need A-level Maths (Grade B or above) plus a further A-level in a Science, Engineering or Technology subject (Grade C or above).


You’ll start on around £20k. So while your peers are racking up debt, you’ll be putting money in the bank. Completing the scheme means your earning potential will be optimised thanks to your degree qualification. Your tuition and course fees are paid for, in full, by us, plus you’ll get a generous holiday allowance. So there’ll be plenty of opportunity to spend the savings from the deals and discounts we’ve agreed with retailers and using the sports facilities available at most of our sites.

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