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Whatever programme you decide to join, you’ll be starting your journey to a fantastic career. Our award-winning schemes are aimed at people who have a passion for learning. And a passion for pioneering. Ambitious, innovative and determined people, who respect our heritage and think beyond the challenges of today to build the cars of tomorrow. With a blend of hands-on experience and qualifications to target, our undergraduates work on projects that are fundamental to our global success.

Our undergraduate placements will intensify your curiosity over a period of 12 months. The reality of the projects we’ll immerse you in will surprise you. This is real-world experience that will prepare you for a rapidly changing world. Show us your passion and performance, and we may give you the opportunity to progress onto our graduate programme.



Duration: 12 months

Vehicles are becoming more and more reliant on software each year. Before the customer enters the car it is identifying the key fob and their phone to recognise them and allow access; on their journey, software aids their driving with stability and assistance systems, and provides a welcoming and refined user experience through in-vehicle infotainment.

Within Jaguar Land Rover, our Software engineering teams are responsible for designing and developing software which is running both inside and outside of the vehicle, supporting all of the features a customer expects from a Jaguar Land Rover product.

As a successful undergraduate in this area of engineering, you will work alongside experienced engineers who will guide and support your growth into becoming an experienced member of the software engineering community.

At Jaguar Land Rover, we use iterative and concurrent engineering approaches to provide robust software innovation and integration into Jaguar Land Rover products. We use a multitude of techniques including model based software development and directly writing code. You could be involved in the creation of these models or the code, or be providing support and guidance to our suppliers to ensure robust products and experiences are delivered.

This pathway could lead to roles based at one of our West Midlands sites or our Manchester Digital Hub.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Software Engineering, Computer Science and Cyber Security.

Electronics and Complex Systems

Duration: 12 months

Automotive systems are increasing in complexity and becoming highly distributed across the vehicle platform. Electronics systems and their components are the driving force behind our cutting edge customer facing features, from assisted and automated driving, to the quality of life improvements our customers expect in using their vehicles. The robust design and implementation of a complex system powered by electronics helps positively shape the customers’ experiences through benefits that can be relied upon day in and day out.

Within Jaguar Land Rover, our Electronics & Complex Systems engineering teams are responsible for designing and developing these complex systems and their components, to provide the experiences that customers will love for life. As a successful undergraduate in this area of engineering, you will work closely with a team of experienced engineers who will guide and support your growth into becoming an experienced member of the electronics engineering community.

Within Electronic & Complex Systems engineering there is the opportunity to use cutting edge tools and processes to follow the Systems Engineering Process. Using Model Based Techniques to support the design and early validation of the system, and proven electronic design practices, you will support in providing premium features and consistent quality that our customers expect from the Jaguar Land Rover brand.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Systems Engineering, Electronic & Communications Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Cryptography.

Hardware and Mechatronics

Duration: 12 months

Hardware and mechatronics is at the heart of all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles and fundamental in how we respond to the future challenges in the automotive industry. From the Vehicle Dynamics and Off-Road Capability which serve as key differentiators for our brands through to the door systems and headlamps, to glazing and seats, our engineers focus on everything from mechanical design, integration and system engineering to ensure detailed execution and the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Within Jaguar Land Rover, Hardware & Mechatronics engineering is responsible for the delivery of vehicle attributes, the integration of complex physical and electromechanical systems, and for the detailed engineering designs and implementations that result in award winning products that provide experiences people will love, for life.

As a successful undergraduate applicant in this area of engineering, you will become part of a multi-disciplined team of experienced engineers who will develop your skills in hardware and mechatronic design.

We believe in delivering outstanding customer experiences. This is supported by the creative and innovative skills of our people as well as the range of tools and processes we use. Failure mode and safety analysis provides both safety critical systems and high quality parts for our customers, fundamental part design and testing helps create engineering specification using CAD and CAE tools, and world class System Engineering tools assist us in designing our electromechanical control systems – you could be part of this highest level of craftsmanship.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include any Engineering discipline, Mechatronics, Computer Science/Programming, Physics, Chemistry and Maths.


Duration: 12 months

Internal combustion engines have dominated automotive propulsion since cars were introduced, but our priorities are now very different. We must therefore continue to develop and refine quality combustion engines, whilst expanding more into hybrid and electric motors, catering to the demands of today and of the future.

Within Jaguar Land Rover, our Propulsion engineering teams are responsible for designing and developing the world class engines, transmissions, drivelines and electric motors that provide the driving force behind our vehicles.

As a successful undergraduate in this area of engineering you will learn what it takes to deliver the high quality propulsion systems of the future and become an experienced member of the propulsion engineering community.

The Propulsion engineering teams utilise some of the most advanced techniques, facilities and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition, understand and predict customer demand, and respond quickly to changing technological, environmental and legislative factors that are driving such dramatic changes within the market. In order to develop your skills and competence to support this effort you will work in a range of different environments using a mixture of engineering tools - such as CAE, CAD, problem solving and data analysis techniques while working with the team you are in and their customer groups.

This will support the development of your technical knowledge at either component or system level from design to the operation of a variety of propulsion systems from the internal combustion engine to fully electric. In doing so you will gain a full understanding of the concept, design, development, optimisation and delivery of the components and systems that you work on which will start you on your journey to become a world class engineer with Jaguar Land Rover.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering and Mechatronics.


You must be a student in your penultimate year and be returning to your final year of study following the placement, or applying for a 12-month placement as a formal part of your degree course. You need to be on track for a 2:2 or above. Please only apply to one of our undergraduate programmes. We want you to be confident in the path you’ve chosen – using your qualifications, developing your skills and appealing to your interest.

Meet some undergraduates


Forward Model Architects

“I’m so much better at preparing and planning projects in University thanks to the skills I’ve picked up here.”

I love being given the opportunity to develop in a globally recognised business. This has been so helpful when I’ve gone back to University. I’m so much better at preparing and planning projects thanks to the skills I’ve picked up here. I love being given the freedom to come up with ideas for the future and present them to management and even higher. When I applied here, I was amazed that I didn’t have to be a car fanatic to succeed here. Jaguar Land Rover want people with ideas, who are fascinated by overcoming technical and engineering challenges to benefit people and the planet.


Women in Engineering Sponsorship Scheme

“I always wanted to work with cars because I wanted to have an impact on how cars interact with society and how we can change the impact we have on the environment.”

The freedom you get here is great. I’ve been encouraged to go and meet new people, explore possibilities and try new things. What I’ve seen here has really opened my eyes. The investment in R&D is incredible. And the level of detail we go into blows my mind. One of my favourite events is the weekly Electrical Graduate Breakfast Forum. This is where apprentices, graduates and undergraduates all get together to talk about the challenges we are working on and share hints and tips. It’s a brilliant networking opportunity and a great way to build your knowledge and career.


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