Starting my adventure as a Postgraduate in Jaguar Land Rover was the best decision I ever made for my career



How do our vehicles inspire loyalty in our customers? It’s the way we make them. With precision. With pride. This is the job of Engineering. Every conceivable aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen, refined and continuously improved and reinvented here. From the research that inspires the concept to the engineering disciplines that take it from the page and into the real world, we create the processes, deliver the systems and supply the expertise that make them coveted objects of desire, all over the world.

Some of our teams

Product Engineering

Product Engineering builds the precision and pride into every vehicle that inspires loyalty in our customers. Every conceivable aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen, refined and continuously improved and reinvented here.

BODY ENGINEERING creates the head-turning, crowd-pleasing looks that make our marques uniquely recognisable.

CHASSIS ENGINEERING considers, resolves and delivers the various aspects of motion.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING delivers smart, connected, clean vehicles through creativity and design innovation and opportunities in a variety of digital disciplines.

POWERTRAIN ENGINEERING delivers power and performance, drives electrification and embraces cleaner, more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient technologies.

PRODUCT ENGINEERING operations keeps our Engineering function performing at its innovative best by supplying precise tools, processes and validation techniques.

VEHICLE ENGINEERING takes care of all the elements that make our vehicles a cut above the rest and delivers exceptional customer experiences.


The source of inspiration for innovation, some of our most advanced, pioneering features start life here. In technology-led future, research will remain a powerful driver, advancing powertrain development, the use of hybrids, electronics and entertainment, and driverless cars.

Our £150 million National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) is a state-of-the-art technology hub designed to complement our research and development centres at Whitley and Gaydon; keeping the UK and Jaguar Land Rover at the forefront of global innovation. The team will develop the vehicles and personal mobility solutions of the future and focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers - from schoolchildren to undergraduates.

Powertrain Operations & Engineering

Craftsmanship. Performance. Technology. These are the hallmarks of our world-class cars. But, more than ever, we’re excelling in that last category. We manufacture the propulsion systems supporting the next generation of vehicles, as well as our current models.

With our focus turning to electrification technologies, we aim to make Jaguar Land Rover the leader in a new and exciting age for the automotive industry. We’re also at the forefront of developing self-driving vehicles, which means we can power freedom and fulfilment in people’s lives. You could be the driving force to ensure we deliver.

Programme Management

Manufacturing our vehicles is a complex business. Orchestrating this logistical and technological epic is the job of our Programme Management team.

Managing our programmes involves co-ordinating expertise from our Product Engineering teams with the input of specialists from right across the business – Strategy, Design, Purchasing and Manufacturing. Essentially, they take the best from these hugely talented, cross-functional teams and add their own impressive delivery capabilities to make sure every programme is on time, within budget and meets our own gold standard quality benchmarks.

This is true team work in action. Everyone understands the part they have to play. But this is never done in silos. We are all supportive of each other. Because we are all focused on creating something remarkable. We are all in this together.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division of Jaguar Land Rover focuses on designing and engineering high specification vehicles, bespoke commissions, heritage products and branded goods.

Our ability to create relies on the expertise of highly skilled technicians. Nowhere is this more apparent than our Special Vehicles Operations workshop. This is where bespoke craftsmanship, precision and innovation come together to meet the demands of our diverse VIP customers. The result is flagship models and limited edition vehicles that range from armoured and commercial vehicles to bespoke creations for diplomatic use and even royalty. Your ingenuity will help us explore the possibilities of new technologies – not to mention options for performance enhancement, sport designs and personalisation. You’ll draw on your impressive knowledge of manufacturing processes, systems and functions to enhance the body of our vehicles or to finesse interior and exterior fittings. Build issues, process development, one-off fixes, troubleshooting and problem-solving of every kind will test your abilities to the full and give you access to the kind of work that’s hard to come by elsewhere. We do unique things here and we look for unique talents to do them.

SVO is based at our brand new, £20m Technical Centre in Warwickshire, England. This specialist manufacturing facility is Jaguar Land Rover’s Centre of Excellence and home to a team of 200 automotive specialists. SVO’s 20,000m2 headquarters has over 40 engineering inspection bays and a world‑class paint facility.


Championing gender inclusivity in engineering functions and how it benefits us all, the Women in Engineering and Allies network continues to grow rapidly. Engaging female engineers to flourish and recognising their work, the network has chapters across various sites and is fully aligned with all Jaguar Land Rover’s employee-led, diversity championing networks.

Led by a talented and dedicated committee of volunteers, the network has an active schedule of networking lunches with guest speakers, two annual conferences with skills workshops, and carries out key outreach activities in schools, universities and at careers fairs while also supporting campaigns such as Jaguar Land Rover’s FurtHERing Futures campaign.

Meet some of the team


Steering Wheels & Tyres Engineer

I’ve been here one year already and that year has been full of personal growth. I’ve been encouraged to be open and honest with my manager about my ambitions and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised about the career potential and speed with which I can progress. In the short term, I’m focused on gaining experience, getting an understanding of processes and systems and a good grasp of commodities and technical detail. I can already see how I can progress into a leadership role and how I’ll be supported to do that both by my cohort and the subject matter experts.


Postgraduate Engineer

I studied MSc Automotive Engineering at ISAT University (France) and wrote my Master’s Thesis on Jaguar Land Rover’s Powertrain Research Department – Engine Simulation Team. On my placement, I was part of a key project that enabled me to apply and improve my engineering knowledge. It’s a great way to learn to work within time, cost and quality considerations, and to improve your behaviours and presentation skills.

This wasn’t my first placement but it did give a good balance between my desires and motivation. The support I got from my manager quickly helped me to integrate, achieve my objectives and secure a permanent role as Lead Engineer for the Simulation Development team. I have recently moved to a new role within the Engine Programme team and I’m looking forward to the different challenges this will bring.


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Job Title Location Salary
High Voltage Charging System SME
High Voltage Charging System SME Coventry, GB £32,500 - £42,300 28-Sep-2021
Coventry, GB £32,500 - £42,300
EDS 3D CAD Design Engineer
EDS 3D CAD Design Engineer Gaydon, GB £39,000 - £43,000 28-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £39,000 - £43,000
Chassis Integration Engineer - Axles
Chassis Integration Engineer - Axles Fen End, GB £38,000 - £40,000 28-Sep-2021
Fen End, GB £38,000 - £40,000
ADAS Test Engineer - HIL
ADAS Test Engineer - HIL Budapest, HU 27-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
EDS Integration Engineer
EDS Integration Engineer Budapest, HU 27-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
ADAS System Test Lead Engineer
ADAS System Test Lead Engineer Budapest, HU 24-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
Model and Hardware Engineer - HIL
Model and Hardware Engineer - HIL Budapest, HU 24-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
Cost Engineering Engineer
Cost Engineering Engineer Warwick, GB £40,400 - £50,400 24-Sep-2021
Warwick, GB £40,400 - £50,400
Software and Controls Manager
Software and Controls Manager Fen End, GB Competitive 23-Sep-2021
Fen End, GB Competitive
ADAS Test Coordinator
ADAS Test Coordinator Budapest, HU 23-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
Cost Engineer (D&D)
Cost Engineer (D&D) Warwick, GB £40,400 - £50,400 23-Sep-2021
Warwick, GB £40,400 - £50,400
Lead Engineer - Seat Belt & Child Restraint Systems
Lead Engineer - Seat Belt & Child Restraint Systems Gaydon, GB £42,000 - £46,000 (DOE) 23-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £42,000 - £46,000 (DOE)
Functional Safety Engineer
Functional Safety Engineer Gaydon, GB £35,000 - £40,000 22-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £35,000 - £40,000
Lead Engineer Functional Requirements
Lead Engineer Functional Requirements Gaydon, GB £45,000 - £53,000 21-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £45,000 - £53,000
HV Systems, Compliance Engineer
HV Systems, Compliance Engineer Gaydon, GB £45,000-£50,000 21-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £45,000-£50,000
HV Systems Validation Engineer
HV Systems Validation Engineer Gaydon, GB £35,000 -£40,000 21-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £35,000 -£40,000
HV Systems Engineer
HV Systems Engineer Gaydon, GB £45,000-£52,000 21-Sep-2021
Gaydon, GB £45,000-£52,000
ADAS Component Test Engineer - HIL
ADAS Component Test Engineer - HIL Budapest, HU 20-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
ADAS Test Case Engineer - HIL
ADAS Test Case Engineer - HIL Budapest, HU 20-Sep-2021
Budapest, HU
Product Litigation Technical Manager
Product Litigation Technical Manager Whitley, GB £50,00- - £60,000 ( DOE) 20-Sep-2021
Whitley, GB £50,00- - £60,000 ( DOE)

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