How do our vehicles inspire loyalty in our customers? It’s the way we make them. With precision. With pride. This is the job of Product Engineering. Every conceivable aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen, refined and continuously improved and reinvented here. From the research that inspires the concept to the engineering disciplines that take it from the page and into the real world, we create the processes, deliver the systems and supply the expertise that make them coveted objects of desire, all over the world.



Vehicles with film-star good looks and traffic-stopping style and sophistication. Vehicles of reassuring robustness and plain-speaking, down-to-earth dependability. People buy with their eyes. Body engineering creates the head-turning, crowd-pleasing looks that make our marques instantly recognisable.

If it’s visible to the customer, something they can see and touch, it’s probably the handiwork of Body Engineering. These are the people who translate the design theory of both interiors and exteriors into the elegant and sophisticated, safe and secure, luxuriously comfortable. The ever-increasing emphasis on technology in our products means you’ll be taking vehicle design to where no vehicle has gone before. Everything from mechanical design, integration and system engineering is pored over here. Every last detail is carefully considered and crafted to a standard worthy of our brand – from the headlamps and seat engineering right through to the glazing and door systems.


How our vehicles move is probably one of the most significant aspects of a customer’s experience. This is where the various aspects of motion are considered, resolved and delivered.

Driving Dynamics, Motion Systems, Software Control and Commodities: these are the main features of motion that are dealt with by our Chassis Engineering team. The complexities involved in getting these right mean they have to liaise extensively across every part of the business – from research and production right through to launch. The principles of engineering science are applied to render everything from how a vehicle breaks, accelerates and maneuvers consistent with its purpose and type – be that a luxurious road tourer or an off-road adventure vehicle.

All kinds of people can find a place here – from designers to project managers. What tends to bind them together, though, is their passion for engineering and absolute focus on delivering excellence.


Smart, connected, clean vehicles. This is where the future of our business is going. Electrical Engineering will play a key role in getting us there. Working here means you’ll be at the heart of a business driving a renaissance in British manufacturing. Expect to experience engineering excellence combined with creativity and design innovation. Expect to work alongside great people bringing the connected, electrified, self-driving vehicles of the future to market.

Future technologies will give the driver more, not less control, Self-driving vehicles will enhance the driving experience. Even when the driver is actually doing the driving, intelligent systems will still be working in the background. A range of sensors and ADAS systems will help make cars safer and keep the driver in ultimate control.

Intelligent cars will always be alert. They are all-seeing and connected, so they can be aware of situations developing over the horizon. The potential of the connected car is huge. We’re making a significant investment in the technology, skills and partnerships to make them a reality. Cyber-security and opening up a new world of services via the Internet of Things are amongst our top priorities, as is reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel economy.

We’re looking for people who can help us with all of these things while maintaining the luxury, performance, refinement and comfort our customers expect. We have openings in Software Engineering; Systems Architecture; Software coding; Automated Systems Testing; Simulation and Modelling; Electronics Hardware; Power systems design and development; Wiring systems; System Safety and Cyber Security.

The key skills needed range from electronics and hardware behaviour and integration, and physical system architectures to real-time control systems design and vehicle network and configuration system strategy and Implementation.



Powertrain delivers the power and performance associated with our brand. However, as our business transformation continues, our engines will become equally renowned for driving electrification and embracing cleaner, more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient technologies. In short, Powertrain will remain an integral part of our products. But it will evolve – and change means challenge.

We will continue to lead the way because Powertrain will continue to exceed both customer demand legislative requirements. It will be a key part of our tech evolution: tackling emissions and environmental concerns while pioneering a whole new means of mobility. We are two iconic brands because we have always innovated. We have always been committed to excellence. You will ensure this continues as you take charge of the vital component that drives all of our vehicles.


Product Engineering Operations keeps our Engineering function performing at its innovative best. These are the people that take the theory and concept off the page and bring it to life in the real world. They do so by supplying the precise tools, processes and validation techniques that the production of world-class vehicles demands. This is a diverse team made up of many talents and varied skills, from project management and process design, right through to prototype build and physical testing technicians. Product Engineering Operations looks at the complex business of delivering innovation in practice. Their insight ensures every stage of the engineering process works, efficiently, effectively and thoroughly. As we continue to transform the way we work, their input is critical.


Vehicle Engineering take care of all the elements that make our vehicles special. What they create means our vehicles are a cut above the rest and deliver the experiences our customers love – for life. This makes for an incredibly diverse and engaging department; it touches everything.

Our Vehicle Engineering Attribute teams develop and hone everything from Aerodynamics and Off-road Capability to Safety and Sustainability – and much more besides. Vehicle Engineering Management take charge of a vehicle's entire lifecycle. They develop bespoke strategies that carry each new product from conception to press launch and beyond. World-class standards are the benchmark here. Facilities and systems are created to support this. No detail is too small to escape their attention.

Where our business goes next is led by our Virtual Innovation Centre. This state-of-the-art virtual reality facility is where our vision for the future comes into focus. The Vehicle Concept and Package team develops a constantly evolving 3D jigsaw, making people and components fit together to deliver the products that exceed all customer expectation.


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Job Title Location Salary
Product Engineering - Hardware & Mechatronics Graduate
Product Engineering - Hardware & Mechatronics Graduate Coventry, GB £29,000 22-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £29,000
Product Engineering - Propulsion Undergraduate
Product Engineering - Propulsion Undergraduate Coventry, GB £17,000 22-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £17,000
Product Engineering - Electronics & Complex System Graduate Coventry, GB £29,000
Product Engineering - Electronics & Complex Systems Undergraduate Coventry, GB £17,000
Product Engineering - Propulsion Graduate
Product Engineering - Propulsion Graduate Coventry, GB £29,000 22-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £29,000
Product Engineering - Hardware & Mechatronics Undergraduate Coventry, GB £17,000
Product Engineering - Women in Engineering Sponsored Scheme Coventry, GB £17,000
Product Engineering - Software Undergraduate
Product Engineering - Software Undergraduate Coventry, GB £17,000 22-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £17,000
Launch Support Engineer
Launch Support Engineer Budapest, HU Competitive 22-Oct-2019
Budapest, HU Competitive
Development Painter
Development Painter Coventry, GB £30014 - £37518 22-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £30014 - £37518
Gauging Engineer
Gauging Engineer Coventry, GB £33,500 - £43,600 20-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £33,500 - £43,600
Materials Laboratory Technician
Materials Laboratory Technician Wolverhampton, GB £38,767 20-Oct-2019
Wolverhampton, GB £38,767
Process Engineer
Process Engineer Coventry, GB £33,500 - £43,600 20-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £33,500 - £43,600
On Board Charger: Verfication Engineer
On Board Charger: Verfication Engineer Coventry, GB £35,000 - £42,000 19-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £35,000 - £42,000
TASE Engineer
TASE Engineer Coventry, GB £32,500 - £40,000 19-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £32,500 - £40,000
Lead Engineer Climate Systems
Lead Engineer Climate Systems Budapest, HU 19-Oct-2019
Budapest, HU
eMachine Thermal Engineer
eMachine Thermal Engineer Coventry, GB £38,000 £42,000 18-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £38,000 £42,000
Vehicle Dynamics Objective Test Project Engineer
Vehicle Dynamics Objective Test Project Engineer Coventry, GB £37,000 17-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £37,000
DcDc Controls Engineer
DcDc Controls Engineer Coventry, GB £35,000 - £42,000 16-Oct-2019
Coventry, GB £35,000 - £42,000
Agile Delivery Lead
Agile Delivery Lead Shannon, IE Competitive Salary & Benefits 10-Oct-2019
Shannon, IE Competitive Salary & Benefits