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Innovative. Trusted. Pioneering. These three qualities have always summed up Jaguar Land Rover. They have been encapsulated within the performance, luxury and excellence of all our products. They are what every person working for us lives and breathes.


We are delighted to say that we were ranked 16th in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2014, up five places from 2013.

Our Brands

We have been automotive industry pioneers for more than six decades. Jaguar debuted in 1935. Land Rover made its celebrated entrance in 1948.

From then until now, we have been at the forefront of technical innovation in all areas of vehicle development. Through our revolutionary technologies, performance and craftsmanship, we have pushed the boundaries of what the industry considers possible over and over again. Our efforts have led to some of the most iconic nameplates ever to grace the road.


Jaguar Cars Founded

Jaguar Cars Limited is founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company.


Company takes on the name Jaguar

The Jaguar name first appears on 2.5 litre saloon and the company takes on the name.


Land Rover rolls out first vehicle in Solihull

Land Rover, a British all-terrain vehicle manufacturer, rolls out its first vehicle in Solihull.


The Jaguar E-type

Arguably the most famous sports
car of all time, the Jaguar E-type,
hits the road.


Range Rover launch

Land Rover launches the
Range Rover.


The Freelander is born

The Freelander is born.


The formation of Jaguar Land Rover

Ford buys Land Rover, leading to the formation of Jaguar Land Rover.


Tata buys Jaguar Land Rover for

TATA buys Jaguar Land Rover
for £1.5bn


Entry into two Graduate Recruitment rankings

Entry into two Graduate Recruitment rankings – Times Top 100 Graduate Employers (No. 87) and Guardian
300 (No. 75)


Range Rover Evoque is launched

The Range Rover Evoque is launched, changing the way the world thinks about 4x4s.


The F-type rolls off the production line

The F-Type rolls off the
production line.


Continued progress in the Graduate Recruitment rankings

Continued progress up the Graduate Recruitment rankings – Times Top 100 (No. 21) and Guardian 300 (No. 20)


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is fundamental to the reputation of our brands, our future profitability and, more importantly, the world in which we operate.

So unsurprisingly it is an integral part of our business plan. In fact, as a growing company, we consider it more important than ever that we reduce our impact on the environment and maximise the positive benefits our business can bring. Not because we feel we should. But because we want to.

The Jaguar Land Rover Way

Individually, Jaguar and Land Rover may be iconic brands – each with distinctive hallmarks that make them admired and desired throughout the world. Together, though, they form one incredible business to experience and grow with and one unique organisational approach. We call this approach the Jaguar Land Rover Way. It sums up how we do business, wherever we do business. And it is something we all live and breathe every day.

Our values

The approach is based on a set of core values. These values help us create and manufacture premium vehicles in a sustainable way. They involve us working together with integrity and understanding, and striving to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Our mission

We want to deliver more great products, faster than we have ever done before. We want to be leaders in the field of environmental innovation. We want to be sure our customers always come first. These are the three great passions we all share. Together, they form our mission.

Our people

One of the things that makes our business truly special is our employees. You will be surrounded by engaged and passionate people who genuinely care about the work they do and about the products they help to create. As we continue to expand our global footprint, it is this working culture that will give us the edge.

Our Awards

It is not just our products that are recognised for their excellence. It is all the people behind them as well. Here are some of the many corporate accolades we have received.


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