Early Careers at Jaguar Land Rover

At Jaguar Land Rover, we have a clear vision. We are reimagining the future of modern luxury by design. The future of movement is happening today. This has never been a more exciting time to start a career with us.

The creative, innovative and focused people are the big thinkers behind this big change. Together, we use our diverse skills and experience to grow tomorrow and redefine what’s possible today. Inspiring the future generation is our responsibility. And we’re doing it with soul.

We have a proud and longstanding history of hiring Apprentices, Undergraduates and Graduates to develop them into the next-generation of Jaguar Land Rover talent and support the growth of our business. And as our ambitions grow, and our focus for the future changes, we are committed to our Early Careers programmes to help us reach our goals.

Whether you are a parent or carer of a school, college or University leaver, or you work in education, this page will provide you with detailed information on our Early Careers programmes to support your conversations.


Our Early Careers Programmes are the best place to start, develop or advance your career. Whether you are studying at school, college or university, passionate about your professional development, or considering a career change – our Early Careers programmes are designed to develop in-demand skills. Click below to find out more about our current opportunities.


Our apprentice schemes offer a powerful mixture of practical experience and qualifications to kickstart a career.




With an apprenticeship programme, there is no need to choose between education and practical skills, because our apprenticeships will provide both. Sharing our passion for learning and doing what’s never been done, Apprentices get to work on projects that are fundamental to our global success.

Apprentices develop industry experience at the same time as formal qualifications. Their time will be split between the workplace and the education provider aligned to the Apprenticeship, with at least six hours per week, on average, of their working week hours dedicated to learning. This may be in the form of block teaching at college or University, online study or independent learning.

They work towards recognised, in-demand qualifications which will help us build the cars of tomorrow. Their unrivalled experience will provide opportunities to develop industry skills as well and the personal attributes required for the workplace including communication styles, self-management and organisation.

They develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to the Governments’ Apprenticeships standards. At Jaguar Land Rover, we follow the standards of the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education. More information can be found here

The qualifications undertaken by an Apprentice are fully funded by Jaguar Land Rover. In addition, Apprentices will receive a competitive salary and benefit from the combined benefits of being an employee of Jaguar Land Rover (pension scheme, employee discounts, wellbeing initiatives) and a student (NUS Student discount, travel discounts etc).

In order to pass, an Apprentice will sit an End Point Assessment (EPA) which will take place in the six months leading up to the end of the apprenticeship. An EPA is graded as a pass, merit or distinction. The EPA will test the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you have gained through the apprenticeship. Our Cohort Leaders will guide Apprentices through this, in addition to the support they will also receive from their education provider and line manager.

Find out more about Apprenticeships here


My apprenticeship has been everything I thought it would be, and more! My colleagues go over and above to create a culture that excites learning and delivers exceptional quality. I have been exposed to different areas of the business through workshops and discussions with stakeholders which has enabled me to think differently and with perspective to refine technical and soft skills in areas including programming and critical thinking.

Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice


All qualifications across England, Wales and Northern Island are given a level. The below table outlines what level apprenticeships we offer, and what this equates to in terms of qualification level.

Level 3 – Advanced Apprenticeship
Additional Level 3 qualifications include A Level, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Level 3 NVQ, T Level and more.

Level 6 – Degree Apprenticeship
Additional Level 6 qualifications include Degree with honours (eg. BA (Hons) or BSc), Graduate certificate, Level 6 NVQ and more.

Level 7 – Finance Apprenticeship
Additional Level 7 qualifications include integrated Masters degree (eg. Meng), Level 7 NVQ, Postgraduate certificate.


Further your education, incur no costs. Study with our prestigious education providers and gain real-world experience, and a competitive salary.

Learn and grow from industry-leading experts with your personal and professional development as their focus – together, we achieve great things!

Join a community of Apprentices and early careers hires. From rock-climbing and football to coffee roulettes and a summer ball – there’s lots to enjoy!

Develop the skills, knowledge and practical experience across your four-year programme to unlock your career - your future is what you make of it!

Education and work combined

Apprentices will spend 6 hours, on average per week, studying. The remainder of their time will be in the workplace, working on real-life, industry-leading projects. An Apprentices’ study timetable will be dependent on the Apprenticeship programme they apply to.

Because we believe in enabling our people to learn, create, grow and to support others to do the same, we’ve built the Jaguar Land Rover Learning Academy; a home for lifelong learning. Through the Academy we nurture and inspire our people to embrace change, dare to be different and have the tenacity to acquire knowledge.

And we’ll give our Apprentices all the encouragement they need to succeed. Apprentices will benefit from the support of our Early Careers Delivery team who will guide, inspire and support, working with line managers and education providers to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. Our dedicated Cohort Leaders are the first point of contact for any issues or concerns, and to celebrate achievements.

Apprentices own their development. They make it happen. Together, they contribute to the future of movement.



Undergraduate programmes are geared towards university students studying on the penultimate year of their degree. Our undergraduate placements intensify curiosity over a period of 12 months. An experience that accelerates a future career.

Undergraduate programmes provide industry insights relevant to degrees. The experience developed throughout a 12-month placement* can help University students to deliver their full potential on their degree, using their experiences to provide context to learning. In addition, the personal and professional skills developed throughout a placement will enhance workplace skills to support future career development.

This is a real-world experience that will prepare you for a rapidly changing world. Show us your passion and performance, and we may give the opportunity to progress onto a graduate programme.

*Short placements may be available in Design.


The Undergraduate Programme allows for the freedom to explore roles within Jaguar Land Rover, from shadowing for just a day to venturing on a placement and delving into a unique project over the course of several months. This breadth of experience has allowed an unparalleled expansion of my skillset and has broadened my knowledge of the internal workings of Jaguar Land Rover, enabling me to realise and develop my strengths, ultimately finding the best career path for me.

Product Engineering, Hardware and Mechatronics Undergraduate


Engage in a learning programme, delivered by an industry-recognised provider. Develop core skills and technical learning to excel on your placement.

Learn and grow from industry-leading experts with your personal and professional development as their focus – together, we achieve great things!

Join a community of Undergraduates and early careers hires. From rock-climbing and football to coffee roulettes and festive fun – there’s lots to enjoy!

Deliver on crucial projects. Gain real experiences to enhance your degree. Make an impact and you’ll fast-track your offer to join our Graduate scheme.



Our Graduate programmes are perfect for those who are due to graduate, or already hold a degree. There is no limit on when you can apply for our Graduate programmes, therefore if you have recently graduated or graduated some time ago, our programmes could spark your interest.

We offer the perfect blend of personal and professional development. Supported by a dedicated learning curriculum, our Graduates will gain an insight into our business, enhance critical skills and inspire creativity, leadership and strategic thinking.

Our Graduates become rounded, experienced professionals with Jaguar Land Rover. They take on responsibility for crucial business projects and make an impact at work and beyond. From the start, we’ll provide Graduates with support specifically tailored to their role. Our dedicated graduate development team and Early Careers champions will make sure every learning experience is tailored – developing skills and experiences to kick-start a future career.


The graduate programme gave me an excellent opportunity to work in this great company and to garner a deeper appreciation for the products we create. It allowed me to work around the company and network, and has boosted my confidence tremendously. It also allowed me to meet several other graduates from around the company and some of them are my closest friends and confidants.

Antenna Hardware Engineer


Engage in a learning programme, delivered by an industry-recognised provider. Develop core skills and technical expertise tailored to your scheme.

Learn and grow from industry-leading experts with your personal and professional development as their focus – together, we achieve great things!

Join a community of Graduates and early careers hires. From rock-climbing and football to coffee roulettes and a summer ball – there’s lots to enjoy!

Apply your degree. Lead crucial projects. Make an impact across your two-year programme. Become a rounded professional and unlock your future career.


Our Programme Delivery team is a team of dedicated Cohort Leaders whose responsibility it is to ensure that our Early Careers recruits thrive at work. They are the first point-of-call for Apprentices, Undergraduates and Graduates who, working alongside Line Managers, are there to support with a wide range of matters from pastoral support to goal-setting, performance management to programme development. They are there to celebrate your achievements, and provide a steer in the right direction when things become more challenging.

Together, we are the future of movement.

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