Innovation that moves people

Our journey towards autonomy is accelerating. Every 30 milliseconds, the vehicle refreshes its perception through radar and camera data. Sensing the world around them, using smart technologies to make life easier and driving safer. Our ADAS experts, together with our partners at NVIDIA, are reimagining modern luxury to build the most advanced cars, for the most discerning customers, in the most sustainable way.

This evolution of the way the world moves is changing the way we work and changing the skills and mindset we need to drive our business forward.

ADAS is at the cutting edge of innovation. At JLR, our commitment to creating world-class products, quality & robustness is gathering pace. We are building and developing our vision of the software-defined vehicle in house. The Operating System for ADAS is being created by us to support the integration of both NVIDIA Software and our vehicle specific software. Enabling our vehicles to constantly refine themselves and offer peak performance for our consumers.

Why are we different

We are a small, fast acting OEM. Our agility, paired with our skill-based organisation, allows us to move from decision to integration fast. For us, tech comes first.

We are an English-speaking OEM operating globally so, if you want to work with people around the world – solving problems by using state-of-the-art solutions to answer the unimaginable automotive ‘what if?’ question, welcome to JLR.

Reimagining modern luxury

We’re changing the relationship we have with the car. Reimagining modern luxury where technology creates an experience that is safer by design and superior in quality. We’re looking at every aspect of this relationship to create new ways to take the driving load off our customers’ shoulders. We have ambitious business, sustainability and environmental goals, with our focus on combining the brightest minds with the latest tech to change the way the world moves. For good.

A unique partnership

Innovation demands imagination and inspiration. Combining our talent with NVIDIA – the world leader in AI and computing – we are creating the connections that will deliver the best customer experiences in the most technologically enhanced vehicles. This is a significant moment in both our histories and together we’ll accelerate our collective thinking to bring next-generation innovation to the world. We’re like a Tech start-up within a fast-moving OEM.

By 2025, all new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on our jointly developed software platform – delivering a wide spectrum of active safety, assisted and automated driving as well as parking systems. Inside the vehicle, our machine learning based driver and occupant monitoring will make sure the drivers attention stays on the road. And through advanced visualisation of the vehicle’s environment, passengers will feel well informed and will feel confidence throughout the drive.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Innovation has defined our history. The “Go-Anywhere Vehicle” of the past is now also driving our future. What ADAS does today is a step forward on our journey to autonomy. We’ve been working on driver assistance systems for many years now. From cars that sense various objects, to facial recognition to determine driver tiredness. Sensors to software systems, everything we do is about safety, comfort and trust in our products.

We’re now thinking beyond and investing in the products and services that will meet our customers’ shift in demand for feature updates over the air and via subscription services. The boundaries of automation are constantly being pushed and disrupted. With automated and connected cars, we’re striving to take human error out of the driving equation and excite every aspect of the customer experience.


At the heart of this revolution in technology are the creative minds and agile thinkers who challenge today to change the way the world moves tomorrow. With our partnerships, our growing team of top technical talent and a culture of autonomy and agility, the next phase of the journey is going to bring opportunity like no other.

Join our world-class team, wherever you are in the world. You’ll be working on challenging technical projects, where the emphasis on user experience is creating modern luxury. Our roadmap is clear, and our partnership with NVIDIA is at the cutting edge of software. The opportunities this creates for superior products and outstanding careers is incredible. So, whether you’re refining our vision for how cars see and interpret the environment, working on path planning or control algorithms, creating cloud-based features, or working on localisation and mapping - every single innovation is evaluated seriously, decided on quickly and put into development/validation.

Our software-defined features and end-to-end verification and validation architecture will enable the delivery of innovative assisted and automated driving services throughout the life of the vehicle. Our customers will receive or buy over the air products creating an exciting opportunity to always offer our best solutions over the long-term.

We’re making the car come to life, reducing accidents, and improving the journey – all done with sustainability and safety as a driving force. Revolutionising the driving experience for generations to come.


The people who power our future all share a mentality to go beyond the expected. To find the answers to the challenges of progress. The automotive world is changing. And our people are driving it. With new ideas that put sustainability as a core output of their creative input.

Our tech teams are building the next-generation digital platform that will provide drivers and passengers with a superior digital connected ecosystem. By using leading edge cloud technology and the latest CI/CD techniques, we’re getting incredible experiences into our customers’ hands faster and better.

Those who thrive at JLR and drive innovation through technology, all share the same qualities:


We think innovatively, challenge convention and change the way the world moves.


We are trusted to deliver innovation that moves people, by working in the way that suits us best.


We think AGILE and we work globally together. Striving to design, integrate, test and release the most robust, high-quality products in automotive.


We think beyond the limits of the car of today and see how our ideas build a safer, more sustainable, future for travel. If you want to change the way the world moves, a culture of agility, innovation and infinite possibility is waiting.


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