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Budapest, Hungary

Join one of the teams in our Budapest office and you’ll be part of a global Engineering, Purchasing or Supply Chain function, with headquarters in the UK. By investigating how the emerging world of automation, connectedness, electrification and the shared economy all impact on our vehicles, you’ll help to advance new ideas, new technologies and new approaches to mobility.

Our office is in the White House building on the Váci corridor, near the centre of Budapest. It’s an inspirational workspace with an inner-court restaurant and café, as well as lots of break-out areas. With plenty of local public transport, it’s also easy to get to. If you want to cycle, there’s also a dedicated parking lot for bikes, with changing rooms and showers.

Our teams

Product Engineering

Body Chassis Engineering

The ever-increasing emphasis on technology in our products means you’ll be taking vehicle design further than ever before. We investigate everything from mechanical design to integration and system engineering. We also play a role in delivering state-of-the-art automotive chassis engineering technologies, such as brake-by-wire, steer-by-wire, active suspension systems and vehicle motion control.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Our work is all about vehicle innovations that move people smarter, cleaner and better connected. Join us and you can expect to work alongside great people bringing the connected, electrified, self-driving vehicles of the future to market.

Digital Product Platform

The Digital Product Platform teams take care of all the elements that make our vehicles special. As a member of our team, you’ll be helping to create vehicles that are a cut above the rest, delivering the experiences our customers love – for life.

Engineering Operations

As part of the Engineering Operations Function, we help the business to simplify data. That means we manage business data for the whole of Product Engineering across Jaguar Land Rover. As a member of the team, you’ll be helping to turn data into enterprise database solutions with user friendly web front ends.

Supplier Technical Assistance

We take a partnership approach to our supplier relationships. By investing our technical expertise to enhance their capabilities and streamline their processes, we help them deliver faster. So, it’s a win-win. Our specialist team is all about continuous improvement, optimising efficiency and ensuring we meet our business objectives. Quality. Cost. Delivery. They’re all on our radar. If it can be made better or done better, this is the team that makes it happen.

Global Purchasing

“In Hungary, we get things done”. That’s our motto – and it’s at the heart of what we do. As JLR’s new hub in Budapest we’re building a dynamic and energetic team from the ground up, to lead the transformation of Global Purchasing across the business.


Secure bike parking

Showers and lockers


Good public transport links

On-site post office

LEED Platinum certified building

Where we are

JLR Hungary
Váci út 47
1134 Hungary


Current opportunities

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Job Title Location Salary
Model-based Systems Engineer - Future Motion Architecture Budapest, HU
Senior Buyer
Senior Buyer Budapest, HU 2 Oct 2023
Budapest, HU
Part Approval Engineer
Part Approval Engineer Budapest, HU 2 Oct 2023
Budapest, HU
Software Developer for Engineering Tools Budapest, HU
Lead Project Engineer - Power Architecture Budapest, HU
Hardware Engineer
Hardware Engineer Budapest, HU 28 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Lead Software Quality Engineer
Lead Software Quality Engineer Budapest, HU 27 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
HIL Test Engineer
HIL Test Engineer Budapest, HU 27 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Buyer Budapest, HU 27 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
EDS 2D Drawing Interchange Lead
EDS 2D Drawing Interchange Lead Budapest, HU 26 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Lead Power Systems Engineer
Lead Power Systems Engineer Budapest, HU 26 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Semiconductor Buyer
Semiconductor Buyer Budapest, HU 22 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Model Based System Engineer - Chassis Control Systems Budapest, HU
Model Based System Engineer
Model Based System Engineer Budapest, HU 14 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Lead Engineer - Exterior Trim
Lead Engineer - Exterior Trim Budapest, HU 14 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Lead Engineer - Wash Wipe System
Lead Engineer - Wash Wipe System Budapest, HU 14 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Scrum Master
Scrum Master Budapest, HU 12 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Experienced Software Developer for Engineering Tools Budapest, HU
Product Owner
Product Owner Budapest, HU 12 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU
Junior Supplier Programme Engineer
Junior Supplier Programme Engineer Budapest, HU 8 Sep 2023
Budapest, HU

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Email: budapest@jaguarlandrover.com

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