It’s a nurturing culture where everyone supports continuous learning and everyone is respected



We’ve always been innovative. We’ve always thrived on collaboration. And we’ve always manufactured high-end, luxury vehicles with game-changing features, crafted with performance enhancing expertise. This is where you can join us in building the next generation of environmentally savvy, tech-enabled products that will lead us where no automotive has gone before.

Some of our teams

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Translating an innovative concept into a customer-ready, luxury object takes time, energy, commitment, planning and investment. Our AME team take the idea from the page and use our advanced tools, facilities and processes to put it on the open road.

Construction and facilities includes quantity surveyors and construction project managers working to deliver large capital investment programmes.

Process and industrial engineering applies lean manufacturing expertise to reducing cost, eliminating waste and optimising the resources.

Analytics and business planning helps to deliver the data that guides decision making and informs strategy.

Project and programme management is critical to achieving our strategic business goals through end-to-end, collaborative project management.

Manufacturing Operatives & Supervisors

Our innovation and collaboration are driving an automotive revolution. For you, they’re also driving the opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible. All supported by the UK’s biggest investment in R&D and the most advanced manufacturing processes ever developed.

We’ll expect the very best from you in the same way our customers expect the very best from us. You can expect a road ahead that’s filled with opportunities to learn and develop new skills, both from our industry-leading team of experts and the revolutionary vehicles you’ll help to create.

Production operator opportunities, where you’ll be part of the team who manufacture the world’s leading luxury vehicles, are recruited by Randstad. Search the current opportunities below.


Manufacturing Research & Innovation

Change here is driven by the ingenuity and passion of our impressive Manufacturing Innovation team using some of the most advanced vehicle manufacturing facilities in the world. The team collaborates across our business and around the world to devise radical manufacturing solutions.

Virtual Engineering is another critical enabler of what we do, a chance to deliver continuous improvement and to drive best practice in uncharted territory. What you do here will be integral to our future success. Prepare to make things as they have never been made before.

Skilled trades

Craftsmanship and expertise are the skills that bring innovation to life. So our people spend a lifetime perfecting and evolving them.

Our production lines are equipped with expert manufacturing insights and revolutionary technologies to ensure that everything we do is created to the very highest standard. Together with teamwork, passion and dedication, our state-of-the-art production lines deliver vehicles which can run rings around the competition and more than hold their own on the world stage.


Our brand new Battery Assembly Centre (BAC) is powering the next generation manufacturing vital to automotive electrification. At capacity, the facility will use 4 million ‘battery’ cells in production every day. That’s 900 million per year.

Supported by colleagues in HR, the team is focused on creating a culture where people enjoy rewarding, satisfying careers and are clear on what it takes to realise both their potential and that of the BAC.

Joining us here means joining a team that is talented, motivated and inclusive, who are engaged and empowered to be operationally and constructively curious, and whose wellbeing is just as important as the innovation they’re driving.

Meet some of the team


Quality Assurance Engineer

I joined in September 2018 on the graduate programme, attracted by Jaguar Land Rover’s size, heritage and portfolio. We really are a team: my team is brilliant and invested in my work at all levels. Even the director who leads by example. My manager keeps me updated with industry information and career path opportunities and I can ask anyone about anything – all the channels are open.

It’s a nurturing culture where everyone supports continuous learning and everyone is respected – it’s mutual. I’m finding that Jaguar Land Rover is a company of resilience and growth and I feel valued and included. The focus on behaviours and the culture is, I believe, the key to enjoying your work.


Senior MP&L Manager

Many things attracted me to JLR. The heritage and products. The potential to work overseas. Building and launching a new facility with very new technology. And then when I looked deeper, there was even more: the commitment to destination zero and diversity, the Customer FIRST principles and Jaguar Land Rover's corporate social responsibility.

Now I’m here, I’m relishing the challenge of creating the future with passionate, engaged people. I was made very welcome and the emphasis on culture and behaviours means your contribution is trusted, valued and matters. There is mutual respect and everyone supports each other. We’re all striving to achieve the same vision. My colleagues are passionate and my boss is a great role model. While I’ve been here, I’ve transitioned, relocated and become a first time mother and I’ve been supported every step.


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Job Title Location Salary
DOTA Engineer
DOTA Engineer Whitley, GB £35000-£40000 29-Nov-2021
Whitley, GB £35000-£40000
Lead Engineer Functional Safety
Lead Engineer Functional Safety Coventry, GB £45,000 - £53,000 28-Nov-2021
Coventry, GB £45,000 - £53,000
Lead Engineer Functional Integration
Lead Engineer Functional Integration Gaydon, GB £42,000-£47,000 DOE 02-Nov-2021
Gaydon, GB £42,000-£47,000 DOE

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