I chose Jaguar Land Rover because the structured and detailed Apprenticeship programme really appealed to me and my working style.



The right thing in the right place at the right time. It sounds simple. But you know that co-ordinating the arrival of millions of parts from all over the world and getting our products to over 175 countries doesn’t happen by itself. Our future supply chain specialists will develop and lead complex global chains for both our UK and international plants. Fortunately, you’ll have the focus and expertise to bring order to this complexity. This is a four year apprenticeship programme underpinned with a BSC (Hons) degree. You’ll have the opportunity to work within the most complex and demanding supply chain environments, gaining valuable experience and skills, whilst studying for your qualification and experiencing university life.

Level 6 Apprentices will spend their first years learning all about the Jaguar Land Rover supply chain and developing their academic skills. Your final years will be perfecting your specialisms in one of the following business areas

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Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain operations are at the core of what we do. From production planning to finished vehicle delivery, your ability to get the best performance from our suppliers and logistics providers will ensure our operations are optimised and to plan.

Programme Management

New vehicle and engine programmes are the future of the business. Using your expertise in managing complex projects you will define objectives, timing and budgets, to take concepts from the desktop through to industrialisation.

Logistics Engineering

Using cutting edge innovative solutions, you will be planning, developing and implementing packaging, material handling equipment, automation and systems, to deliver best in class integrated solutions within our supply chain and manufacturing facilities.


Maths GCSE C Grade/level 4 or above and English Language GCSE C Grade/level 4 or above plus a further three GCSEs including a Science, Engineering, Technology or other Maths Subject at Grade C/level 4 or above.

Alternatively Engineering Vocational qualification Level 3 of 90 credit value (540 GLH).

You will also need 3 A levels at Grade C or above to include a Science, Engineering, Technology, or Maths subject (must have a high numerical content).


You’ll start on circa £20,000. Completing the scheme means your earning potential will be optimised thanks to your qualification. Your tuition and course fees are paid for, in full, by us, plus you’ll get a generous holiday allowance. So there’ll be plenty of opportunity to spend the savings from the deals and discounts we’ve agreed with retailers and using the sports facilities available at most of our sites.

Our apprentice behaviours

One of the important parts of the appraisal and selection process is making sure that your attitude to work matches the behaviours we adopt every day in our pursuit of excellence. These behaviours are fundamental to who we recruit and so please be honest when reading through them. If you can think beyond the challenges of today, then you are us.

Working with others

Teamwork and collaboration is crucial to the success of our business. We need people who will:

  • Build strong and positive working relationships
  • Contribute to group work and respect the input of others
  • Communicate openly and help others when needed

Problem solving

We strive to overcome any obstacle and meet every challenge we’re faced with. We need people who will:

  • Think logically and calmly about a problem before acting
  • Seek to understand underlying causes of issues and quickly identify solutions
  • Ask for the advice and help of others when needed

Quality focus

Our iconic vehicles are revered the world over for their quality. We need people who will:

  • Follow our procedures fully and complete all work to a high standard
  • Apply the same care and attention to every task, even in challenging circumstances
  • Look for ways to improve how tasks are completed

Personal responsibility & resilience

Our people take extreme pride in their work, persevering with tasks even in difficult situations. We need people who will:

  • Take responsibility and accountability for their work
  • Persist with tasks until they are completed correctly
  • Adapt to change or new environments positively

Willingness to learn

Our apprenticeships are for people who have a passion for learning and who want to make the most of the hands-on experience and qualifications we offer. You will:

  • Be self-motivated and enthusiastic in your learning
  • Take feedback on board and ask questions to increase understanding
  • Seek opportunities to practice and apply new skills

Motivation for role

We are looking for people who are passionate about our brands and dedicated to building a career in engineering. So do you:

  • Enjoy getting hands on with practical tasks?
  • Have a keen interest in discovering how mechanical and electrical things work?

Meet some apprentices


Maintenance Apprentice

“I chose Jaguar Land Rover because the structured and detailed Apprenticeship programme really appealed to me and my working style.”

I’m a Maintenance Engineer in my second year of the Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Pathway. I was looking at a variety of apprenticeships, but I chose Jaguar Land Rover because they are one of Britain’s largest car manufacturers and the structured and detailed apprenticeship programme really appealed to me and my working style. One of the greatest aspects of being on any of the apprenticeship programmes, is the support you get to succeed. I started with a year at the training provider at Aston, but my development has only increased since being on-site in Solihull.


Design Engineer

“With self-driving vehicles becoming a reality, we’ll be looking at how people will make the most of their time in the car. My job is to continue to design cars that create experiences that customers love.””

As strange as this sounds, I didn’t know much about the world of engineering until a group of Jaguar Land Rover apprentices came into my school to talk about what they do. I was amazed that engineering was really suited to my skillset. And I realised that creative thinking and problem solving are exactly what is needed to do well as an apprentice here. I’ve been here three years now, working as a Design Engineer, and it has been harder than I thought, but the support is incredible. And the network of other apprentices is huge. There’s always someone who will listen to you and so many people you can learn from.


Connected Car Integration Engineer

“I chose Jaguar Land Rover because it’s a Great British Brand and I came here because I wanted to write code.”

It’s so exciting! 5G technology, streams of data and advanced cloud and server based platforms are allowing me to help our cars adapt in the moment to drive efficiency for the customer. Whether that’s predicting when a car needs to warm the seats or start up, or when an engine needs to change performance to match the conditions it’s driving in. Not to mention how we update battery range or infotainment systems in the blink of an eye.


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