We’re reimagining the car of tomorrow. Our future of sustainability-rich modern luxury is the biggest challenge we have faced in our history. And it’s one that we’ll achieve through agility, curiosity, creativity and innovative technology.

The brightest minds will help us get there. People who question everything in their pursuit of creating innovations that move people. People who will drive creative thinking faster than the competition. People who accelerate the change to cleaner, smarter, faster and unique luxury solutions. People who can discover a way of working that suits them and their creativity best. And people who can power the future of JLR.

Reimagining technology, disrupting an industry and developing solutions for a better world will be realised through our strategy, our investment and with the brightest technology minds who can develop new innovations that move people.

Some of our teams

Software Engineering

Software and the innovative thinking needed to bring it to life are key to our transformation. This is where our response to meeting the future’s mobility demands is shaped, problems are solved, technology is pioneered and the revolution is led.

No other UK company is doing this kind of work. No one is investing as much in automotive as we are. And few can offer our start-up mentality without the risk. It’s a genuine opportunity to pioneer; to influence the end-to-end process of software development and to see the tangible results of your work driving on the digital highways of the future. If you’re comfortable tackling issues without a pre-defined approach, this is where you can make the self-driving, connected and electrified vehicles of the future happen.

Data science

We’re a customer-first business and Data Analytics enables us to put customers first. Insight drives continuous improvement, and it’s our small team of Data Scientists who realise the true value of the terabytes of data we hold.

In our competitive marketplace, this huge growth area is shaping the future of our business, inspiring customer propositions, maintaining our lead and honing our focus. So while it’s our innovative application of technology and ability to stay ahead of the curve that enables us to transform our industry; the finer point of how is crafted here. With precision. With creativity. With passion.


Technology at JLR is primarily run out of two locations - Shannon on the west coast of Ireland and Manchester.

The brand new facility in Shannon is leading the charge in software development for level four automated driving and electrical vehicle architecture. And our high-tech Software Development Centre in Manchester is working alongside and in collaboration with our Gaydon Pioneering Hub to integrate connected technologies in our next generation vehicles to create premium, in car experiences.

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Our technology teams are building a next-generation digital platform that will provide JLR drivers and passengers with a superior digital connected ecosystem. By using leading edge cloud technology and the latest DevOps techniques, we’re getting incredible experiences into our customers’ hands faster and better.


We have launched the JLR Learning Academy; a home for lifelong learning. We are creating engaging, relevant and personalised learning content and experiences that can impact personal, team and organisational performance.

It is essential people are curious about things and take their own development seriously in order to be better equipped to move into different roles, projects or careers. The value of our people lies in their continued development and in our commitment to invest in their learning and growth in order that they can optimise their performance, whatever their role.

An essential ingredient in our success is the creation of an environment where managers actively share what they are learning and encourage others to grow and stretch and where they coach and mentor others to maximise their team's performance and continued growth. Through the JLR Learning Academy we are seeking to enable people to learn, create, grow and to support others to do the same; daring each other to embrace the changes and the challenges we face and ensure our future is bright

Meet some of the team


Software Engineer

One of the highlights of working for JLR is having access to engineering vehicles to get hands on with development. Many team members from VaaS are working on in-car applications embedded into the Infotainment system. To have the opportunity to be able to test and deploy an application to an actual vehicle is amazing.

We are fortunate to have several engineering vehicles onsite in our state-of-the-art engineering workshop. These range from the Jaguar XF, F-TYPE, I-PACE and E-PACE to Land Rover’s Velar, Discovery etc. In addition there are several lab spaces on-site with hardware setups for testing the software currently in development.


Cyber Security Manager

In late 2018, I decided to say yes to a role in JLR and also a move to Ireland. The new role was not just about designing cars, but being part of something new.

Working in a new environment, in a new country and with new people with a richness of diversity was so exciting.

The people have made a real impact on my time here. And what about my home? I chose the beautiful and cosy town of Ennis. This little town has the power to make you feel at home very quickly. When my wife arrived to join me, it quickly seemed like we'd always lived here - knowing the restaurants, the cliffs, the downtown grocery store on Saturdays and everything you would expect from a home. Oh, and it couldn't be any different with the rest of my family who arrived with my wife, my cat and dog. Now, the days were full of life and adventure.

Current opportunities

<h1 style="font-size: 20px;font-family: custom05e3c91957d24f1cbbafb; fontalign-center" class="h3 fontcolorb6a533a1 fontalign-center">JLR JOB SEARCH</h1> <b><h class="keyword-title" style="font-size: 20px;font-family: customc4eb607da2304493863e8; fontalign-center"> At the moment this job search page does not cover all our locations, but does include many of our global vacancies. To find information on jobs in any of our other locations you may find a link in our locations page or from your local Jaguar or Land Rover retail website.</h1></b> "". Page 1 of 1, Results 1 to 4 of 4
Job Title Location Salary Sort descending
AAD Product Owner (SW Issue Resolution)
AAD Product Owner (SW Issue Resolution) Gaydon, GB £70,550 - £80,000 19 Jun 2024
Gaydon, GB £70,550 - £80,000
AAD Configuration and Variant Manager
AAD Configuration and Variant Manager Gaydon, GB £70,000 - £80,000 11 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £70,000 - £80,000
AAD Programme Product Owner
AAD Programme Product Owner Gaydon, GB £50,000 - £60,000 5 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £50,000 - £60,000
Software Integration Test Lead
Software Integration Test Lead Warwickshire, GB £42,000 - £57,000 5 Jul 2024
Warwickshire, GB £42,000 - £57,000

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